Narrative Inquiry: A Conception of Experience

Document Type : Research Paper



Experience is a fundamental concept in the practicum curriculum. Student teachers start their journey by learning from experience, and practicum is expected to provide opportunities for them to develop their experiences in real classroom and school environments. However, if we don’t have a clear understanding of what the word ‘experience’ means, we can’t learn from our experiences consciously, nor can we use narrative inquiry to study teachers’ experiences properly. So, first of all, we need to ask what the concept of experience means, and to reflect on what we think of its meaning. Also, it is worthwhile to read experienced educators’ point of view. The purpose of this article is to read Eisner’s conception of experience. Moreover, it is willing to introduce an interesting and informative book to those who want to take themselves seriously as teachers, and those who want to use narrative inquiry to study teachers’ experiences accurately.


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