A study of Primary Education Teachers’ Experiences Regarding its Effectiveness in Creating a Positive Attitude Towards Environmental and Natural Resources Conservation (A Qualitative research)

Document Type : Research Paper



Abstract: Concerning the role of the environment and natural resources in achieving development goals in numerous features, planning the education to create a culture of environmental and natural resources conservation is neccessary. In this qualitative study the effect of elementary education on the concepts of environmental conservation and natural resources on students were considered by the teachers' viewpoints. For these purposes, semi-structured interviews with 32 primary school teachers of Rafsanjan city in 2016 were used. The data were analyzed using open coding, axial coding and selective coding  and themes and sub-themes were selected from notes. Based on the results of this research, the main themes include: students, teachers, books and content, school staff, families, teaching, extracurricular activities, teacher training and education and sub-themes include books, quality content, the focus of content on attitude, the focus of content on changes in social and personal behaviors, content emphasis on increasing knowledge, interest and attractiveness creation, depth and focuses on the subjects, consistency with the real needs of learners, level of knowledge, teachers, book printing quality, extra-curricular activities, service , effective teaching facilities, as well as the local requirements related to the environment and natural resources.