Prioritizing the tendency of primary school teachers in Isfahan to curriculum ideologies

Document Type : Research Paper


1 Master of Elementary Education. General Department of Education of Isfahan Province. Iran.

2 faculty of educational sciencse, farhangian universiti of isfahan. iran

3 Assistant Professor of Educational Sciences. Faculty of Human Sciences. University of Kashan. Iran


The purpose of this study was prioritize the tendency of elementary school teachers to curriculum ideologies through descriptive-survey method. The statistical population of the study consisted of all primary school teachers in Isfahan, 4290 people, from which 354 people were selected according to Morgan table by stratified cluster random sampling method. Data gathering tool was the standard questionnaire of Schiro (2014) Curriculum Ideologies, which determines the types of curriculum ideology (scholar academic, learner centered, social efficiency, and social reconstruction) based on the components of aim, teaching, learning, knowledge, child and evaluation. The Friedman test was used to analyze the data. Research findings indicated that elementary teachers of Isfahan had the highest tendency in the components of aim, teaching, learning, child and evaluation based on learner centered ideology and in the component of knowledge on social efficiency ideology; Also, in all of components have been the lowest tendency in the scholar academic ideology.


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