Enhance the professional skills of students of teacher training centers with an emphasis on art education in the form of hidden curriculum

Document Type : Research Paper


Introduction :The purpose of this paper is that in the form of hidden curriculum based on Eisner's view, by placing some improvisation writing courses, including art, music, painting, directing, in the training courses of teachers, are invisible to our future teachers to artists specialist knowledge in the classroom and to all forms of expression, as well as sensitivity to the songs elegant musician, an actor of voice, gestures and movement, and a painter paint lines to understand, so that has taken a major step forward in improving teachers' professional ability more.Students are the next generation of teachers, practical aspects and lead to positive results?.. " Methods of the present descriptive  is references to print and electronic resources to find answers to the question  .And eventually it became clear that putting art courses for at least 3 hours a week as part of a university education student teachers in addition to The official pre-determined goals and helped prepare teachers to work instead of being under the influence of habits, the influence of quality that are not provided for, as well as fertile ground for the growth of teachers are professionally personality..


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