Prediction of individual and social adjustment based on defensive mechanisms in teacher training students

Document Type : Research Paper


Assistant professor, department of Counseling and psychology, Farhangian University, Tehran, Iran


The purpose of this research was to investigate the relationship be-tween defense mechanisms and personal and social adjustment teacher training students of in Farhangian University in Khouzestan province (Iran). The sample consisted of 220 students who were selected systematic ran-domly. The research method was descriptive - correlation and the data were analyzed using SPSS software with descriptive and inferential statis-tics. The results of the analysis and the hypothesis analysis showed that there is a significant and positive relationship between the defense mecha-nisms and the personal and social adjustment of the student population. Out of the subscales of defence mechanisms, Subscales of denial, diffrac-tion, reasoning and depression, had a positive and significant relationship with Individual and Social adjustment and defense mechanisms can gener-ally predict the variance of their individual and social compatibility.

Keywords: Individual and Social adjustment, teacher training students, Defense Mechanisms, Farhangian University and Khouzestan province.


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