Determining the dimensions and components of the identity of primary teachers of the Islamic Republic of Iran

Document Type : Research Paper


Assistant Professor , Faculty of Educational Management University, farhangian


The system of education in our country, Has been raised the first steps towards the fundamental transformation of education under the human resources system of elementary education and teacher education. But, Teacher Training in the Islamic Republic of Iran is less and less lacking in a comprehensive model for educating elementary school teachers at the level of the Islamic Republic of Iran. This research was conducted with the aim of identifying and determining the dimensions and components of the professional identity of elementary teachers. The research method is analytical-descriptive. The statistical community of the articles, books and upstream documents available is related to the professional identity of the teachers. Therefore, the researcher, after reviewing the article, upstream books and documents related to the professional identity of teachers, using the high-quality qualitative approach to studying, analyzing and analyzing the results and findings of previous researchers, has been carried out by taking Seven Steps of Sandlowski and Barroso And assessment of its validity and reliability, the proposed model was presented. Finally, the main findings of the research, design of the professional identity model of elementary teachers, with 6 general themes: 1) personal 2) professional 3) cultural-social 4) artistic 5) ground and 6) economic political; and 14 organizing themes and 100 key themes were identified. The findings of this study can be considered by policy makers and educational managers in policy making to enhance the professional identity of teachers.The research has raised implications and suggestions for managers, decision-makers, and researchers.


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