Analysis of the Relationship between Professional Competence Development of High School Teachers with Their Effectiveness in Teaching-Student Learning Process

Document Type : Research Paper


This study has been aimed to investigate the relationship between Professional Competence Development of High School Teachers and Their Effectiveness in Teaching-Student Learning Process. The research method is descriptive-correlation. The statistical population was all middle school teachers of Qom city (6348 teachers) who were selected by using Cochran formula and stratified sampling method with a sample of 364 people. To measure tge competence, the model of Boyatzis and Schroeder and Luthans and to measure the effectiveness of them the model of Luthans has been used. The research tool was two professional competency development researcher-made questionnaires and teacher effectiveness researcher-made questionnaire. According to the Spencer and Boyatzis model, teachers' competence has two individual dimensions, including professional knowledge, skills, personality traits and attitudes and insights, and social dimension, including professional and general validity, as well as the Edmond 5-factor model including Transferring the objectives, lesson efficiency, regular presentation of information, avoidance of ambiguity, control of perception, provision of practice, and feedback to measure teacher effectiveness. Data were analyzed using Pearson correlation coefficient.The results of the study indicate that there is a correlation between teachers' personal and social competence and effectiveness of the teaching-learning process.