Investigating Consequences of the qualitative- descriptive evaluation based on view points of elementary school teachers of Kerman with emphasis on moral effects

Document Type : Research Paper



Abstract: The purpose of this study is to investigate the consequences of the qualitative - descriptive evaluationmethod in elementary school. To do this, 15 teachers who were the executors of this method, were selected as the research participants and a biographical method was used in this research. The results of this research show that the qualitative- descriptive evaluation method has positive consequences in relation to the method of teaching, teacher, student and educational content and in comparison with the traditional method and has positive moral effects. There are also some factors that relate to the existence of these positive effects which are discussed in the article. In addition, the mentioned method has negative consequences that the following factors influence the appearance of them. These factors consist of the volume of textbooks, the teachers’ and parents’ lack of information about this method, and the shortage of class time.