The challenges Facing Primary School Teachers of Kuhbanan in the implementation of descriptive evaluation plan

Document Type : Research Paper



Abstract: Modifying evaluation system from traditional to descriptive is one of the most important solicitude of Iranian schools currently. In spite of its problems and challenges for teachers, this modification has some advantages. This research is done in a qualitative way and phenomenology method is selected for recognizing those challenges. Participants were selected from among kuhbanan teachers; for this sake, seven teachers were interviewed. The main research instrument was in-depth semi-structured interview. The data were analyzed according to Colaizzi's analyzing method. The findings of this research include five main themes, namely teaching method, Evaluation challenges, parent's expectations, student's challenges and the effect of portfolios. This paper, describes descriptive evaluation challenges for teachers. For solving these challenges we propose professional education of teachers, holding justification meetings for parents and changing teaching methods according to evaluation method.