the necessary components during the teaching of the faculty members of the universities

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purpose of this article is to analyze the necessary components during the teaching This research was conducted in the framework of a qualitative and quantitative approach in the qualitative stage, 12 university education experts were purposefully selected and interviewed with a theoretical sampling strategy and semi-structured. Thematic analysis technique (theme) was used to analyze the data. To ensure the validity of the research, the members used (interviews) and multidisciplinary methods of data sources and to calculate the reliability of the coding, the reliability methods were tested and the reliability of the in-subject agreement (agreement between the two coders) was used. After implementing the content of the interviews and their preliminary analysis, the initial codes or concepts were identified and placed in specific categories in order to achieve the main categories of similar codes. Finally, for each class, a title containing all the codes of that class was selected. As a result of this study, the necessary components in teaching faculty members of universities were determined. According to academic research experts, the components of determining the starting point of teaching, teaching methods, leadership and classroom management, implementation of lesson plans, time management, initiative and innovation in The classroom, managing differences, stimulating and facilitating learning, research-oriented teaching, communication and interaction, use of equipment and facilities, attracting participation and collaboration in the classroom, collaboration of faculty members together are important.examined and the extracted structures were approved.


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