Identifying the dimensions and components of recruitment, retention and empowerment in the teacher education system of the country with emphasis on the document of fundamental transformation of education

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The dignity of teachers and the role of education in the promotion and development of human societies has necessitated the establishment of a comprehensive model of recruitment, retention and empowerment in the teacher education system. The purpose of this article is to design a model for attracting, retaining and empowering and identifying its elements and components in the teacher education system of the country. The approach in this study was a qualitative and the method used was a case study. The statistical population included managers, experts and experts in the field of teacher training who had valuable experiences in the field of research. The selection of participants has been done using a purposeful approach and snowball sampling method and using the theoretical data saturation criterion and using semi-structured interviews and studying texts containing their opinions on websites and media. In order to extract the framework of dimensions and components of student recruitment, retention and empowerment of teachers, semi-structured interviews and review of related sources and texts were used. Also, using thematic analysis method, basic, organizing and comprehensive themes were obtained. Acceptable and reliable methods were used to validate the data.