Investigating the views of faculty members and students of Farhangian University on the impact of using peer assessment methods in the internship program.

Document Type : Research Paper


1 Assistant professor. Department of educational sciences, farhangian university.Isfahan. iran

2 farhangian university of isfahan. iran

3 Farhangian university. Isfahan.Iran


The aim of this study is to investigate the views of faculty members and students on the effect of using peer assessment methods on the level of knowledge, skills and attitudes of university student teachers in Farhangian internship curriculum. The statistical population of the research including all faculty members of the internship course unit in the field of primary education at Farhangian University of Isfahan province, was 27 people, and all students of primary school teachers of Fatemeh Zahra Campus of Isfahan Farhangian University in the 98-97 academic year and included 60 people. A complete census method was used to determine the sample size of the faculty members. The sample size of the students was determined by simple sampling method and using the table of Kerejcie- Morgan 50 people. The research instrument was a researcher-made questionnaire consisting of 32 items and its reliability was estimated using Cronbach's alpha coefficient in the two sections of faculty members and students at 0.87 and 0.81, respectively. Data analysis was performed using t-sample statistical test in SPSS software environment. The results of the research showed that both groups of faculty members and students emphasize the positive effect of this evaluation method on improving the level of knowledge, attitude and skills of students. There was also no significant difference between their views.