Identifying Classroom Silence in Primary School Students in Khorramabad: A Phenomenological Approach

Document Type : Research Paper



Understanding the factors that lead to silence and abandonment of elementary students in classroom activities is of great importance due to its undeniable impact on curriculum performance as well as the development of social and communication skills. The purpose of the present study was to examine the teachers' experiences regarding the factors that led to the tendency of primary school students to remain silent and abandonment from class activities as well as the strategies they are proposing in this regard. The population of the study consisted of all teachers in the elementary school in Khorramabad city. The sample was selected using purposeful sampling method and theoretical saturation. The data were analyzed using semi-structured interviews and coding and extraction of main and minor themes. The findings of this study showed that social skills, personality weaknesses, personality traits, physical characteristics, family factors and teachers are factors influencing the students' tendency to remain silent in the classroom. Also, according to interviews conducted by teachers, it is possible to reduce the tendency of students to silence in teaching assignments based on activities inside and outside the classroom.