A sociocultural approach towards teachers' and student-teachers' education

Document Type : Research Paper


1 PhD Candidate in Applied Linguistics at Shiraz University

2 Research Executive Coordinator, Fars Elites Foundation, Shiraz, Iran


Teachers have got important roles and responsibilities in the society during the teaching time. They are not also the transmitters of knowledge but also the contributors to transforming knowledge by the students. Knowing the important role of teachers in the society, it is well to know that many of their responsibilities can be achieved by their knowledge bout the society (Johnson, 2009). It is always stated that educating student-teachers should be in a way that they understand different aspects of their society. That all said, In this paper, we were due to introducing a new, localized, model of teacher education based on the prerequisites which were nominated by Richards (1998) and Johnson (2009). This model is the one which is discussed and debated. We will go through different principles required for a sociocultural approach towards teacher education. We hope this proposal can be applied to the current teacher education programs.


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