Teacher Education and Narrative Inquiry:Towards a shift paradigm in research methods

Document Type : Research Paper


University of Isfahan


Teacher Education variables that are less possible to understandable with positivism research methods. In other words, concepts related to education are not of a kind that can be understood accurately and deeply through quantitative methods. Therefore, recently curriculum theorists have been focusing on an epistemological orientation in understanding educational phenomena, which has opened up a new understanding among researchers and researched. therefore, the purpose of this study is to explain the position of the narrative inquiry, which serves epistemological shift in the understanding of phenomena related to teacher education field. In this regard, first, concept and definition of narrative and narrative research are presented and discussed importance of narrative inquiry in teacher education. In the following, the contexts of the emergence of the narrative research are described and by analyzing the paradigm shift in teacher education research, its paradigmatic positions will be discussed in terms of epistemological, ontological and methodological issues.


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