Assessing the needs of primary education student-teachers of Farhangian University of Isfahan to art education approach in arts education

Document Type : Research Paper



this study aims at assessing the needs of primary education student-teachers to the art education approach in arts instruction. Since 2000, art education approach has dominated arts instruction in primary schools and Teacher guide books have been edited according to this approach. 5 units have been allocated to arts education of primary education student-teachers in Farhangian university. The question here is whether the quality and quantity of these five units yields the understanding and skills necessary to perform art education approach by student-teachers or not.
The research methodology is descriptive, survey, analytical one. The research population includes 500 student-teachers of primary education major in Farhangian university of Isfahan, from which 240 people were selected as research sample. These people were selected using simple random sampling. The findings  reveal that artistic skills and belief in art education values are not in accordance with art education approach goals.


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