Action research influenced by the technical- rationality paradigm or the teacher-researcher paradigm

Document Type : Research Paper


The purpose of this research is to understand the nature of action research influenced by the view of the “teacher as a researcher”. In fact, action research, in the field of the educational research, is a result of the movement in which has been recognized authority of teachers as a resource of knowledge. But, what has been popularized in between teachers is using of this kind of inquiry as a methodological instrument for solving the problems that rise in the particular situations, this is a result of that teachers view themselves as those who deliver the pre- planned curriculums. If the action research merely seen as a methodological instrument and it be neutral toward the teacher’s beliefs and theoretical assumptions, then it does not open the window for finding the valuable understanding of the educational experiences. According to john Elliott, action research is an expression of deliberative teacher educational practice and it is as a “practical philosophy” and provides conditions to create theory and educational theorizing. The problem of this inquiry is that, what is the nature of the action research affected by the “teacher as a researcher”. It is hoped that this research provide the new understanding of action research to direct the training about action research in the teacher education universities.


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