Qualitative Research Result Sharing Model: A Case Study of the Lesson Study

Document Type : Research Paper



The research is the building block of scientific progress, responds to questions, Produces new knowledge and finally, improves the lives of all human beings. The main point is that for research study to make lifestyle changes, Results should be shared with other people. Accordingly, the process of disseminating and sharing the results of research is one of the most accepted steps by scientists, scholars and researchers. As there are some fundamental differences between quantitative and qualitative research methodologies, qualitative research results should be shared professionally. Lesson Study as a kind of qualitative research strategy is of special considerations. Considering the lack of lesson study result sharing model in our country, this article aims to develop such model. In order to evaluate the reliability of this research the technique of Delphi was applied. In the desired model, two formats are presented according the different needs of the two beneficiary groups, namely lesson study users and other audiences (Other teachers, Education policy makers and other stakeholders outside the education system). The two formats include: research report as a kind of narrative writing (for teacher researcher and their colleagues) and summary of research report (for other teachers, Education policy makers and other stakeholders outside the education system). Narrative writing reports aim to develop lesson study group members professionally and are created through anecdotal and narrative extracts. This kind of report is of one copy and held in school for the benefit of all stakeholders and their titles are suited for Lesson Study cycle. On the other hand, summary report is developed to present research results to the audiences outside the lesson study group and is of six parts including the title, summary of the study, The overall profile of the process, Process results and their application to two groups of students and teachers, quality control and References).


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