Towards a School-based Approach in the teacher Professional development: Determining the Basic Elements of an effective Approach

Document Type : Research Paper


Abstract: changing and innovating the curriculum is achieved by competent and capable teachers.  Professional education programs are regarded as important strategies to enhance the quality of teaching and also improve the student learning. The frequent evidences imply that centralized and short-term approaches in professional development have not been successful in developing significant changes in the teacher practice inside classrooms. Therefore, decentralization of teacher training courses and providing school-based learning opportunities in order to create sustainable professional development is of great importance. So, in the present study which is a normative inquiry, the researcher has recognized the essential elements that are considered as backbones of effective professional development models, by literature review and studying the profound studies on determination of characteristics of the effective models of teacher professional development. The purpose of the study is to present a conceptual framework for thinking on the teachers’ professional development curriculum, emphasizing the process and context-based nature of it. It is also worth saying that the researcher has proceeded in achieving the purposes and strategies of continuous professional development of teachers mentioned in fundamental reform document of education in I.R of Iran.


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