Comparison of the effect of traditional teaching with induction on the academic performance of tenth grade students in Persian grammar lessons

Document Type : Research Paper


1 Persian Language and literature Department, Mazandaran

2 Teacher of Noor city Schools


Choosing an appropriate method for the subject materials is considered as a scientific concern, and is based on the modern scientific psychological hypotheses. in this research, we intend to study the comparison of traditional and inductive teaching on senior learner's of Farsi grammar to observe their academic performance. In this case research method is quasi-experimental, in which pre-tasks and post-tasks are applied .The statistical society includes 21 senior learner's of Allamehhelli high school in Nour province. For this purpose , after covering 12 sessions of traditional teaching, the student's were given an examination which was based on Bolum;s educational target's classification and then 12 sessions of inductive teaching was covered to the class, with an examination at the end of period .In this research , the normality of data is confirmed by applying Kolmogorov-Smirnov test . To analyze data's, the software 22 SPSS and to survey the hypotheses the t-test are applied. After analysis, research findings showed that inductive method in comparison to traditional method was more successful on improving learner’s performance