The Impact of teacher immediacy and misbehavior on teacher credibility

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1 university of Qom

2 University of Qom


The purpose of this study was to investigate on the impact of teacher immediacy and teacher misbehavior on student perceptions of their teachers’ credibility on the dimensions of competence, goodwill, and trustworthiness. In the research method, a two-factor design study from experimental method was used.The study population consisted of male and female students of third year in secondary schools in in Langarud city at Guilan province that 360 students were selected by using cluster sampling. To collect data, the teacher's immediate expectation criterion questionnaire (IES), the Quadrennial Review of Dowry and McCracy (1998) and the Tone and McCracus Credit Criteria Questionnaire (1995) was used. Data were analyzed by using of multivariate analysis of variance in SPSS-23 software. The results showed that effect of teacher immediacy and teacher misbehavior on teacher evaluation was significant, and teacher immediacy and teacher misbehavior had a significant effect on students' evaluation of their scientific competence, caring (goodwill), and trustworthiness. Assessment of male students compared to female students was more influenced by their teacher's immediacy. In general, students have been more influential in the two components of scientific competence and caring (goodwill) than immediacy, but in the component of trustworthiness, they have been more influenced by the teacher misbehavior. Therefore, the teacher immediacy and misbehavior reduces the teacher's credibility. These findings highlight the importance of behavioral immediacy and the absence of teacher misbehavior in the classroom for effective teaching.


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