Determining effectiveness of On-the-job training courses on empowering primary school managers in Tehran

Document Type : Research Paper


1 Assistant Professor, Department of Educational Sciences, Farhangian Nasibeh University, Tehran, Iran

2 Master student of the department of Educational Sciences, Farhangian University. Tehran. Iran


The aim of this study was to investigate the effectiveness of in-service training courses on empowerment of primary school principals in Tehran. This research, in terms of the type of applied purpose, is descriptive and survey type. The statistical population studied in this study was all primary school principals in Tehran in 1400-1399, which according to studies conducted by the General Department of Education in Tehran, the number of public primary school principals is 1225, which is According to Cochran's formula and the number of samples, 280 people were calculated who were selected using stratified random sampling method (proportional assignment) in the five regions of north, south, east, west and center of Tehran. The research instruments were the In-Service Training Questionnaire of Islam et al. (2011) and the Sporter Empowerment Questionnaire (1995). The reliability of the questionnaires was estimated to be 0.978 and 0.939, respectively. Findings from Pearson correlation test and linear regression showed that in-service training showed 41% sense of competence, 38.1% independence, 48.5% sense of effectiveness and 30.2% job significance in managers. Explains elementary school. Among the components of in-service training, order and cooperation in the sense of competence, creativity, decision-making and skills in independence, cooperation, decision-making and skills in effectiveness and creativity and order in the meaningfulness of managers' jobs have the greatest impact they had.