Discover common Misunderstandings of high school students about the concepts of membrane potential and membrane transitions in biology books

Document Type : Research Paper


department of biology, farhangian university, tehran


The purpose of this study is investigating the perceptions and misunderstandings of tenth and eleventh grade students in the field of experimental sciences about the concepts of material transfer from the cell membrane and the electrical potential of the membrane. 56 students of experimental sciences in schools of Kermanshah city were selected for this study in the academic year 1398-1399. To collect information, the tenth and eleventh grade exam papers were reviewed and a diagnostic test containing 10 retrospective questions was also used and according to the existing misunderstandings, a researcher-made questionnaire was designed and implemented. Finally were analyzed Students' answers to questionnaires, semi-structured interviews (5 people) and the results of drawing concept maps and shapes. A review of the results showed that Experimental science students have many misconceptions about the electrical potential of cell membranes, membrane channels and pumps, nerve conduction and synapses And they can't be compared in many cases, Make good use of what you have learned about basic concepts. Based on these findings, it is necessary to be considered Biology Curriculum Review, Production of educational packages for teachers and students and teacher in-service training.


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