Comparison of the Effectiveness of Traditional and Synectics Teaching Methods on Composition Writing of Elementary Students

Document Type : Research Paper


1 Persian Language and literature Department, Mazandaran

2 Elementry Teacher, Golestan Province


the lesson of composition causesblooming of students ’creativity. But the atmosphere dominated the education of country and using conventional and uncreative methods made this lesson away from its purpose and prophecy for many years.This research attempts to specificallyproceed to the available solutions .For this purpose , in order to compare;this research has proceed to the effectiveness of synectics teaching method and conventional teaching method on the elementary Students’lesson of composition..The research method in this study is of semi-empirical one group method with pretest-posttest.The sum of students are put only into one groupthat have been studied both as the control group(proof group)and test group.Pretest is used in order to similarity and standardization of the group .That is;one content taught to one group of students in two methods(conventional and synectics).Statistical population is the students of“Seenky elementary school” of”kalaleh county “ who are studying in academy year of1396-1397.The statistical sample is composed of 20 of sixth level of elementary students.Research instrument in the present study consist of6 subject matter of composition that of them,3 subjects have been taught in conventional way and the other three subjects taught in synectics method.Every subject matter have been taught in 8 sessions and have been corrected and scored in separate intervals via pre-preparedevaluation criterion that is approved by clear-sighted and master technique professors .Then have been analysed by spss software and t-test.The results showed that :In comparison with conventional method;Teachingthrough synectics method had more impact on the improvement of elementary students’ power of writing composition .


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